Nescafe Original 240ml

Nescafe Original 240ml

RM 2.31

Category: Coffee & Tea

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Every can of Nescafe Original has the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta beans that are perfectly roasted and blend with milk. It taste delicious balance coffee with creamer and sugar that comforting intense aroma. 


Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder (Cow's Milk), Instant Coffee, Creamer [Glucose Syrup, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Caseinate (Milk Protein), Salt.Contains Permitted Flavouring, Contains Stabilizers, Emulsifier And Anticaking Agent As Permitted Food Conditioner], Milk Fat (Cow's Milk), Cocoa Powder, Soya Lecithin, Stevia Extract. Contains Stabilisers And Acidity Regulator As Permitted Food Conditioner. All additives are of plant or synthetic origin.