Whiskas 1+ Tuna 85g

Whiskas 1+ Tuna 85g


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Whiskas® cat food tastes great and contains complete and balanced nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to make the most of the day.

Whiskas® cat food tastes great and contains all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your cat needs. From crunchy pellets to succulent wet foods, Whiskas® has a wide range of delicious wet and dry food to choose from, making it one of the best cat food brands and dry cat food brand available. Whiskas® cat food is crafted by nutritionists and veterinarians of Waltham Petcare Science Institute to take care of your cat’s nutritional needs and well-being. Whether you have a kitten, adult cat or a senior cat, Whiskas® cat food covers all their needs.

Nutrition for Each Age Group


Growing kittens (2-12 months) are full of energy! During this time, kittens need a lot of protein, fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals to support their rapid growth and boundless energy. Our Whiskas® 2-12 months range has the right amount of all the necessary nutrients for them to grow up big and strong.


Adult cats (1+ years) need nutritious high-quality food to maintain their health and keep them strong and active. Whiskas® 1+ range provides the right amount of nutrients and energy they need to stay lean, strong and healthy.


Senior cats (7+ years) are enjoying life to the fullest. Whiskas® Senior range is formulated with specific nutrients to improve mobility, take care of their vision, and keep their skin and coat nice and shiny. It’s also formulated to be easy to digest to maintain their well-being and comfort.