Wheat Flour 80%, Sugar 14%, Shortening (Palm Oil Based) 4%, Baking Powder 0.4%, Bread Improver 0.3%, Yeast 0.6%, Pandan Flavour 0.4%, Permitted Colouring (E133, E102, E120 & E110) 0.3%.

Wheat Flour 80%, Red Bean Paste 30%, Sugar 14%, Shortening [Vegetable Fats (Palm Based) 4%, Baking Powder 0.7%, Bread Improver 0.7%, Yeast 0.6%.
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Naturally fragrant pandan, black sesame seeds for the body and mind, sweet but not greasy taro. Buy a pack and let you experience three different flavors.

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Honey BBQ Bun is our top choice in the range of bao products.
Its vegetarian char siu filling are marinated with our special BBQ sauce to reach
the sticky texture. Our homemade BBQ bun is so fluffy and soft with the great combination
of sweet and savoury filling!Ingredients :
Dough : Wheat Flour, Sugar, Yeast, Water, Baking Powder.

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Ingredients :

Dough : Wheat Flour, Wholemeal, Sugar, Yeast, Water, Baking Powder.

Filling : Veg Char Siew, Wholemeal, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Vegetarian Seasoning.